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UCLA  - Psychobiology

Art Center College of Design  - Illustration

Member - Association of Medical Illustrators


With a background in both art and science, I collaborate with researchers, biotech firms and health professionals. We create impactful images. Images that communicate clearly to the target audience.

In addition to artistic talent, a medical illustrator must have a talent for listening and problem solving.

Martin Bruinma


Following Dr Andrew Ibrahim and Dr Michael Yeh, I was one of the first artists to create visual abstracts to facilitate increased readership of medical journal articles. Use of visual abstracts have proven to be incredibly useful and their use continues to grow.

Dr Ibrahim has created a downloadable primer on How to Create a Visual Abstract



Our messages are typically complex. They must be condensed and presented as clearly and accurately as possible.

We target a variety of audiences. Therefore I create imagery on the level that will be accessible to each target audience, be they physicians, fellow scientists, patients or consumers.


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