Textbook Illustration

Parathyroid Locations

UCLA Department of Endocrine Surgery

Visual Abstracts for Journal Articles

Visual Abstracts

It has been shown that a visual abstract increases readership of journal articles by ,,, a%  (citation)  The challenge is to summarize the findings in a concise manner while engaging the potential reader. The abstract does not replace the necessity of reading the full article, but rather...

Patient Education

Sleeve Gastrectomy

Created for UCLA Bariatric Surgery, these images were used to help educate potential patients about the procedure for sleeve gastrectomy operations.

Patient Education

Nissen Fundoplication

Instructional images for patients showing the method of performing a Nissen Fundoplication.  Created for UCLA Department of Bariatric Surgery.

Editorial Art

Magazine Cover

Created for the cover of "Opthalmology" a Pentavision publication.
It portrays the burden on the physicians, with patients requiring constant rounds of injections.


PTH State Migration Chart

Based on an exhaustive study by Kaiser Permanente....