Medical/Scientific Illustration

From gross anatomy to the molecular level, illustrations can communicate your concepts clearly.  A great medical illustrator needs the ability to understand complex workings, have an ability to draw, and the ability to listen and ask intelligent questions.

Visual Abstracts

Your audience needs to be able to make decisions as to what articles to read in the multiple journals available.  A visual abstract does not take the place of reading the article but succinctly summarizes the findings.

Readership has been shown to dramatically increase when a visual abstract has been created


Infographics communicate complex information in a distilled manner. They can convey with sophistication and even humor, data and conclusions.

From illustrative to conceptual

Sometimes your target audience needs to be presented with an idea and not merely a depiction of what is not easily visible.

From simple to complex

Whatever your presentation needs are there is a style and level of complexity appropriate to your message.

Next Steps...

Let's discuss the needs for your project and discern how best to visually enhance it.